10 Reasons I Wear Hats for Sports Teams I Don’t Support or Watch

Photo: Doug Pensinger (Getty Images)

1. The hat matches my shoes.

2. I’m black and therefore stylishly stylin’ on you. And the hat matches my shoes.


3. I like the color of the hat because it matches my shoes.

4. I like the color of the stitching on that hat because it matches my shoes.

5. I like the design on their jersey. I’ll bet they have a dope hat, too. I’m pretty sure I haves shoes that will match with it.

6. I just copped some shoes yesterday. I think this shirt will go with the shoes I just copped. I should get a hat.

7. I’ve been to that city and went to a store in that city and they had all types of variations on hats. Some of those variations match my shoes.


8. I have a lot of shoes. I need something to match with them. Perhaps a hat.

9. Yankees (and Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers) hats go with almost everything.


10. For everything else, it depends on the shoes.

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