10 Things Easier to Comprehend Than Household Income of $117,000 Being Considered Low-Income in the Bay Area

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We all know that the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is insane. According to a report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the median price for a single-family home in the Bay Area is $935,000. The median. Because of this high cost of living, a family earning $117,000 is considered low-income. Bruh.


In 2016 the average household income for the United States of America was $60,000. Entire-ass families were living on almost less than half of the Bay Area’s “low income.” Propelled by Silicon Valley’s tech industry, lots of millionaires are all up and through the Bay Area.

Here’s the thing, though: Me and you, your mama and your cousin, too, know that huge swaths of the population in that area aren’t making no damn $117,000—hell, not even $100,000. So where the fuck do they live? How do they live? It is dumbfounding and damn near incomprehensible to think of a six-figure income not being enough to truly sustain life. Because I’m struggling to comprehend this, here is a list of 10 things I think that are easier to comprehend than a family making that much money being on struggle status in America:

1. Chinese arithmetic done with an abacus underwater in Lake Minnetonka while Prince looks on from a motorcycle

2. Whatever the fuck was happening in A Beautiful Mind with the numbers, but mostly letters and symbols, on chalkboards that your boy John Nash was thinking

3. How Jennifer Lopez has had a successful singing career

4. Trump being elected by people he couldn’t care less about

5. Young Thug’s lyrics on “Lifestyle

6. The Matrix Reloaded

7a. Balenciaga Triple S Trainers being a thing

7b. Yeezy 500s being a thing

8. Chitlins

9. People who are still waiting for a Jay Electronica album

10. Bow Wow’s confidence in the face of reality

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California’s housing market can’t be looked at in any sort of rational way. Starting with our stupid-ass constitution (constitutional amendments require only 50%+1 of the popular vote), the fact that people constantly vote themselves lower taxes while voting in higher spending, the whole thing is fucked.

You got Prop 13, back in the 70s, when all the hippies who graduated from the free taxpayer-funded UC system, started buying houses and got pissed they were expected to pay into the system that gave them college degrees for free, so they amended the constitution to freeze their property tax rates and also requiring a 2/3+ vote in state legislature in order to raise taxes.

So now most of these houses have stupidly old people living in them, who are waiting to die to pass the home on to their family, and it’s worth a million dollars. And what people do is they put the house into an LLC so it becomes its own business. Then they leave the business to their kids, bypassing triggers that would cause the property tax rates to be looked at, so the cost of the property is kept insanely low, and that invites people to speculate like crazy on the value and drive prices through the roof.

So everything is fucked, but because of the constitutional amendments, and the process of amending the constitution, you can’t fix it without a constitutional convention, and hosting one of those just means the rich would just rewrite the whole thing and fuck everyone over even worse.