10 Things Less Somehow Less Predictable Than Chief Keef Getting Dropped From His Label


Chief Keef was recently dropped from Interscope. Here's a list of things somehow less predictable than that predictable-ass news.


1. The wetness of water

2. Orange juice tasting like a combination of oranges, water, and sugar

3. Pharrell Williams saying something that only makes sense to Jaden Smith and albino carrier pigeons


4. The inherent structural difficulties within and challenges of pimping

5. Gravity

6. The answer for 2 + 2

7. Making a regrettable decision after drinking an entire bottle of MD 20/20

8. Kobe Bryant making angry faces at teammates

9. KFC somehow running out of chicken at 8:30pm even though they close at 10pm.

10. People tweeting "What?????" during the last minute of Scandal

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An odd number plus an odd number resulting in an even number

An even number plus an even number resulting in an even number

Parents not understanding

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