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This past weekend, Jordan Peele’s Us hit theaters, and it looks like we all went to see it. This is great for his bottom line and shows that after 2017's Get Out, Peele is not experiencing a sophomore slump. Thing is, this movie is polarizing as fuck. One stroll through the social media shows you just how varied and disparate the opinions on the movie are. And of course this means you have folks in their proverbial corners chiding the other side for either thinking the movie was dope or for thinking the movie was trash. With a movie like Us, everything seems possible.

Dead ass, this movie could be many different things to many people. Everybody’s reaction and response to it matters. In fact, here are 10 various reactions/responses to the movie that are all true because well, this movie could leave you with your thoughts anywhere.


1. You could walk out of that movie thinking you just saw the worst movie ever.

2. You could walk out of that movie thinking you just saw the best thing ever.

3. You can be very, very smart and think the movie had tremendous plot holes and leaves more questions than answers.

4. You can think the movie was brilliant and an amazing allegory or satire on the current state of class relations in this country.

5. You can think the movie wasn’t close to being brilliant and that folks want the movie to represent more and be better than it actually is.


6. You can believe Jordan Peele, who crushed the box office this weekend, is fucking with us all by crafting a movie that people will ostensibly make out to be more than it is and since he knew that, he put in just enough shit that doesn’t make sense to make you think it all has to make sense and be tied together by some various strings. Or you could think everything in it makes sense.

7. You can have lightbulb moments about Us, having new thoughts about things you didn’t think to think about at the time, but you think about now the more you think about the movie.


8. You can think other people are entirely full of shit for telling you that the movie is super deep and brilliant and that you’re full of shit for not seeing how deep and brilliant it is, creating a never-ending circle of full of shit people, which is what the movie Us is, or isn’t.

9. You can, still, several days after seeing it, have no idea if the movie is good or not because, well, maybe it’s hard to tell if the movie is good or not.


10. You can be a person who wants to see it several times because a) you think you must have missed some things and Jordan Peele wouldn’t make a movie you could get on the first watching; b) you’re still unsure of what the fuck you saw in the first place, even after the big “reveal,” which has been made into a thing though, like that explains so much, but doesn’t quite rise to the point of being good, yet...; and/or c) you read all of the articles and all of the articles make what you saw sound so much better than what you actually saw and you want to go see what the article authors saw so that you can see what they saw and have those same epiphanies even though all you saw was a movie that got lost in its own depth.

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