VSB Meets Key & Peele


VSB has been big fans of Key & Peele since their show first premiered on Comedy Central in 2012, and for good reason. We both appreciate the same type of racial and cultural satire, we both like soul food, and we're both composed of one bald light-skinneded cat and one a little browner and stockier.


So naturally, when Damon & Panama and Key & Peele happened to be in the same room, hilarity ensued. Watch as we take them through a couple matchups from our Blackest Name in America Tournament.

Their new season premieres tonight at 10:30. Tune in for more hilarity.

(…and be on the lookout for more clips from VSB and Key & Peele)

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Amazonian Midget

1. Champ and Panama sound exactly like I thought they would.
2. When Key pushed that braid out of his face…I spit out my salted caramel mocha.
3. You four are hilarious together. A dream come true.