Apparently the internet (and by "the internet" I mean "women" and by "women" I mean "the thirsty women of the internet") is all aflutter over Sean Kory, who has taken Jeremy Meeks' place as everyone's favorite mugshot guy. No need to hate. If the thirsty men of the internet can have Jhonni Blaze and Erica Mena, the women can lust over lightskint predicate felons too.

Still, after hearing about what Kory did โ€”- attacked someone wearing a Fox News costume at a Halloween parade because he hates Fox News โ€”- you have to wonder if women think he's worth the fantasy, because role play is definitely out of the picture. You can't be a naughty cop because he might think you're a real cop and jump out your window. And you definitely can't be Wonder Woman for Halloween cause his ass might jump out your window (again) because he assumed you'd be able to fly and catch him before he hit the ground. And you for damn sure can't be a sexy pirate because he'll get mad at you for exposing him to dysentery.

That said, you could always just play tennis. You could even pretend he was James Blake, but if James Blake was a crazy motherfucker who beat people with tennis rackets for wearing Halloween costumes.