Janelle Monae Just Released The Year's Best Twerk Video, And We Need To Talk About This

Wondaland Records
Wondaland Records

Why do we need to talk about this? Because, when Janelle Monae releases the year's best twerk video, it needs to be discussed. Because Janelle Monae has reached the rarified air alongside "orange juice," "the first Aunt Viv," "puppies," "Saturday," "the concept of living in a space with multiple trees and shit," and "twerking" on the list of things everyone likes. Perhaps everyone doesn't love Janelle Monae, but you'll never hear anyone say "You know who I can't stand? That gotdamn Janelle Monae, that's who."

And because two of the things on the list of things everyone likes — twerking and Janelle Monae — are also on the lists of "things that make everyone smile," "things you wish you could retroactively incorporate in every major decision you've ever made," and "things that make you want to get in really good shape." And when someone puts those two things together — and also somehow incorporates the word "areola" — we need to talk about it.


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Thank god she over the tuxedo shtick