It's Tax Day, So If You Believe In Prayer, Say One For Your Favorite Bloggers Today


If you frequent literally any popular blog/digital magazine — including this one — you're indirectly contributing to the income of the people who produce, edit, and promote the content you read, watch, and listen to. For that, I speak for thousands of writers, bloggers, editors, and other content producers when I say "Thanks and shit!"


I'm sure most of you already realized the connection between your patronage and our paychecks. What you might not have realized is that many of these people are either entrepreneurs or freelancers. (Or, it some cases, both.) Some make money directly off of ad revenue, sponsored posts, grants, and whichever other revenue stream they're able to create. Some are "full-time" freelancers who might work for an organization that gives them a predetermined amount of money every week/month. Some are free agents who pitch (or get pitched by) multiple publications and get paid for what they produce. And some somehow manage to be all three.

All of these people have one thing in common. You know how you — and by "you" I mean "the people reading this who work regular 9 to 5 jobs with benefits and break rooms and shit" — hate doing your taxes? Well, multiply that hate by 475o8546o845 and you'll have a better understanding of how much your favorite internet people hate tax day. Taxes are a pain when you work for an organization that takes them out themselves. They're a fucking bullet wound on your spleen when you have to track down all your revenue streams — a process that often includes sending multiple painstaking emails to people to remind them to send your 1099 — meet with an accountant, listen to him tell you about each of the 2573673 different forms you have to fill out, pay the accountant — a process where you're effectively paying someone so they can give you advice on how to pay other people — and set up some type of tax payment plan with the IRS. Oh, and don't forget about determining how much you owe in city, county, and state taxes, which is like someone spitting grape juice on your spleen after its already been shot.


Anyway, if you're a person who believes in prayer, say one for your favorite bloggers today. If you don't believe in prayer, find one and buy them a drink. And, if you don't know any personally, it shouldn't be too hard to find one today. Just go to any bar within walking distance, and find the person cussing at a Chromebook while downing shots of Tanqueray.

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)

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Rachael Ruffin

Hmm…I'll add this to my list of cons for full time blogging.