Police Pull White Chick Over. She Gets Out and Dances To Future (and Drake). Lives.

KABC screenshot
KABC screenshot

In what can only be described as the PUREST form of white privilege available to date, a woman in Los Angeles stole a Ford Focus, led cops on a police chase, and when she rolled over a spike and blew out a tire, bringing an end to said chase

…she turnt up.

To Future and Drake's "Where Ya At?"

And by turnt up, I mean she got out of the car, fumbled with her clothes, danced, put her hands in her pockets, danced some more, got BACK into the car and I presume was eventually apprehended by police…alive.


While you can HEAR the police telling her to put her hands up, she turns her back to them and pulls at her clothing in order to straighten herself out. Terribly, mind you. She deliberately ignores the police, does a quick dance AT the cops almost challenging them to a Dancing With The Stars dance off, then is like "fuck it, I'll just wear these then…" and gets back into the car to continue her shenanigans. She went beast mode with the amount of fucks she didn't give.

I won't say the video infuriated me, but holy shit, bro. Have you seen the movie A Time To Kill? Do you remember when Matthew McConaughey, playing Jake Brigance, was giving his closing remarks the in his defense of Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson) who killed the men who raped his daughter ? He gave that whole spiel where he described to the jury what likely happened to Carl Lee's daughter who was raped and what the scene must have looked like, playing on the jury's sympathies by telling them the story of what happened to the little girl…then imploring the jury to imagine such a tragedy happening to a white girl, which, let's be real, nobody could.

This is like that in reverse.

So I'm asking you…close your eyes and try to picture a Black dude being stopped and getting out of his car and dancing to anybody, putting his hands in his pocket, fumbling with his clothes, getting back in the car, etc.


You probably can't. Because it wouldn't happen. Ever. There's no way a Black man puts his hands back in his pocket and doesn't get lit up like the Fourth of July. Shit, getting out of the car might have caught him a bullet. There's no way a Black dude does all of that and lives to tell about it.

Just imagining how many times the guy would have been shot is harrowing.

In short, this is amazing.

"Where ya at?" indeed. To be clear, I don't want her to have been shot (or shot at). I'm glad she didn't. I'm glad this story has some humor to it. It IS funny. But it's funny because she's alive. She was given the opportunity to pay for her crime. Actions come with consequences. It's just amazing to think of what those consequences would have looked like if this was another type of human being.


I'm glad she got to dance, though.

Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.

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In my little imaginary world, the white girl will tell Dateline that she purposely stole the car, finally when stopped, got out, acted like a plum fool in all her white privilege glory, just to show the masses the difference between how cops handle a white girl then how it would've been handled if she was a black person. I can dream….