9 Observations About the Video of the News Anchor Getting Hit By a Flying Hennessy Bottle In Cincinnati

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Let me start by saying that I neither encourage nor condone violence towards anybody (who doesn’t deserve it), especially unsuspecting individuals who are just doing their job. Taking aim at a journalist for doing nothing more than (presumably) being present when you feel like firing off a projectile isn’t only not cool, but also dangerous. Love or hate the press, right now, we need the folks on the ground to tell the stories as they happen so we can be an informed populace and keep the idiot in the White House and his sheep from driving the narrative. While I find the video funny for many reasons that I’ll outline below, it was only after I felt comfortable thinking that the anchor was OK, hell, he was hit with a whole ass bottle.


With that being said, this 10-second clip of a news broadcast is chock full of entertainment and shenanigans. I like chock. Let’s get on with the get on, shall we? (Yes, let’s.)


1. I have to start here: I’m absolutely fucking impressed that these niggas (more on that in a moment) managed to hit this “news nigga” (as the tweet refers to him) with pinpoint accuracy from the sunroof of a moving Altima. That car wasn’t moving slow either; they were bending corners. It ain’t like the car came to a halt and the bottle thrower had a free throw. That shit was basically a non-heave half-court shot while being guarded. Color me impressed.

2. I mean, they threw an empty Hennessy bottle. We don’t even have to play “Guess The Race” do we? (No. The answer is no.)

3. Rock with me for a minute: This could damn near be a Hennessy ad. A bottle of Henny gets thrown, hits a person, falls to the ground and doesn’t break. Not only does it not break, it rolls around and the Henny label is exposed. Basically, they could be the drink of protest. Hennessy. Unbreakable.

4. I’ve never been hit with a bottle, but considering how hard that Henny bottle clearly is—again, it didn’t break after being projectiled—the news anchor took it like a G.


5. I wonder if the news anchor drinks brown liquor. He definitely called the bottle, probably first by shape. I’m going to go ahead and say he gets down with the brown.

6. Can I just say again how impressed I am that these cats in the car actually hit the anchor? I don’t know that this can be stressed enough.


7. Those folks who did this are legends. Because everybody is watching the news in every city. So somebody they know saw their car and let them know they’re on television and well, they definitely get all of the hood props possible for this act of defiance, protest and athleticism. Also for the spur of the moment decision making.

8. I give the exchange, if you will, a 10. The whole video from the throw to the bottle to knowing its black folks because of Henny to the slow spin the bottle did. If I were an Olympic judge, it’s a 10 for me. My boy gave it a 9.1; he argued that it could have been better had the folks in the car yelled: “Thug Life” or something. I see what he means, it’s perfect as is, but that would have taken it to the next level that black folks are always talking about.


9. This video is proof that even in the most uncertain of times, Hennything is possible!

Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.

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Borg Queen

“...the news anchor took it like a G.”

I mean yeah but it wasn’t even like it hit him in the head, which is what I assumed before I saw the video. It was like lower back/ ass area. I’m waaay more impressed with that throw