2 Termzzzz: 2 Chainz Wants To Run For Mayor Of College Park, Georgia

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Remember that recent debate between 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace about marijuana legalization? Well, clearly the natural follow-up to that is to dive headfirst into politics. And apparently, that's what 2 Chainz wants to do, according to his statement to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution Monday.


Of course that got me wondering what a 2 Chainz campaign could look like.

—- Posters with "All I Want For My Campaign Is A Big Booty Guhl, And By Big Booty Guhl I Mean An Endorsement From Michelle Obama"


—- A Going Stanky Green Initiative

—- Pulling up to the press conference with his ceiling missing.

—- Telling absolutely no lies, since he ain't never told no lie. So, he'd be the true radical politician.

I smell a winner! Or weed. Or maybe that's what winning smells like. Weed.

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You can't outdo black people! And having grown up College Park adjacent, I can cofidently say that 2 Chainz would probably not be the worst candidate. SMH