28 Days of Album Cover Blackness With VSB, Day 9: Amii Stewart's Knock On Wood (1979)

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Image: Amii Stewart ‘Knock On Wood’ (Ariola Records)

You may know Amii Stewart because she had a monster disco song in 1979, “Knock On Wood.” The song made it all the way to the top of the pop charts and is a disco staple. And it still bay-yangs. You know what else bay-yangs? This album cover. For one, Amii is giving all a whole lewk in this joint. If this ain’t Black excellence I don’t know what is. The cover shot was taken by Brian Aris and designed by the firm Cooke-Key, who was responsible for tons of album covers and famously designed the Virgin logo.

Amii is giving so much style and grace in this picture. From the dress, adorned with all that accouterment to that absolutely fabo headdress. If the point of an album cover is to make you pick up an album, this is one album I’d have taken home immediately. She has the legs out lookin’ like Black fitness and that stance just screams “Pay attention to me, I just may change your life.” It also reads as “I do Tae Bo even if it hasn’t been invented yet.”

When I was looking for albums to do for this series, this is one that immediately came to mind because of how badass it is. It is art. You could put this on your wall as a beautiful Black goddess and folks would be like, “Yeah, that’s right.” She is so stunning that I didn’t even notice UNTIL TODAY that her autograph is written on the album cover. Go on ahead Amii Stewart, you did that.


And true story, she has many album covers that could fit this series, but there’s nothing like the first time. She knocked me out with this one.

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