30 Days of Iconic Music Video Blackness With VSB, Day 11: Ciara 'Oh'

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Screenshot: Ciara “Oh”

You and I both know exactly why this video is on the list: the car scene. And here’s how fucking iconic that car scene is—it doesn’t even happen until the last minute-and-a-half of the video AND I entirely forgot what the rest of the video looked like, which is a shame because Ciara’s dancing is amazing. It’s so amazing that my thoughts re-watching this video were that both Bow Wow and Future are IDIOTS of the highest order. And, I wonder if, like, on his birthday, Ciara recreates scenes from her music videos for Russell, privately. All I could say to myself is “Amen” and “Ashe ashe.”

Ciara “Oh” (2005)

There are a couple of things of note here with this “Oh” video. For one, this shit is 15-years-old. Holy shitcakes, Batman, do I feel old. Also, as I mentioned upthread, I actually forgot just how good Ciara was as a dancer. Like, you will never in your life forget how attractive she was and still is, and the car scene emblazoned in the memories of all who saw it made her super sexy, but as a dancer, she was amazing.


But the car scene.

So here’s how I remember it: Ciara hopping on a car and giving that car the work. Here’s what happened in real life: Ciara hopping up on a car and giving that car that work but with way too many scenes of Ludacris in the foreground and Ciara in the background doing things that should absolutely be in the foreground. There is almost no reason Ludacris got so much screen time even with his verse. Where is the director’s cut? Ciara became the envy of all with this video and I, for one (and really two through infinity) appreciate her devotion to the performing arts. That car should be in a museum somewhere.

Real talk, because of just how sensational that car scene is—and not just its sexiness, though obvious, but because it just worked as a scene that is unforgettable (word to Nat King Cole)—I believe I could make a solid case to my wife to put a still up on a wall in our home for the sake of arts education everywhere.

Either way, like I started, you and I both know why this video is here. Salute to Ciara, for being unforgettable and for taking Cutlass-in-a-video to new levels.



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Sherry Henderson

I don’t know if it was the BET awards or the Hip Hop Awards but which ever one it was, they were wrong for giving us that tease of a performance of CiCi and Chris Breezy dancing together. There needs to be Thriller length music videeo of these two, pronto.

I takes an enormous amount of hamstring strength to dance low like she did for most of this video.  I’m not talking about on her knees like she was on the car (which was an incredible scene) but pretty much dancing with your knees bent...killing it!