Illustration for article titled 30 Days of Iconic Music Video Blackness With VSB, Day 13: Michael Jackson, Thriller
Screenshot: Michael Jackson “Thriller”

I mean, I couldn’t “well duh” think of a video any harder than this one. “Thriller” is probably the most iconic music video of all time. Of ever. And will probably be forever. And forever is a mighty long time.


It’s so iconic it’s that I guarantee you can do at least one part of a dance from the video right now. And it came out almost 40 years ago. And the dance moves will still be fresh. And Michael was still black then. Because iconic.

Michael Jackson “Thriller” 1983

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My younger cousin was terrified of Thriller. It may have been rebroadcast for Halloween or something and I remember him hiding behind the couch when it was on.  To this day he still says he remembers it was so scary to him.  I don’t remember the first broadcast of Thriller but it’s a touchstone.  I do remember the Bad premier.  It was a huge to do.  We lived in Trinidad and my cousins didn’t have a television set so they came over to watch it on our Zenith.