30 Days of Iconic Music Video Blackness With VSB, Day 3: The Whispers, 'Keep On Lovin' Me'

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Screenshot: The Whispers “Keep On Lovin’ Me”

This video perfectly reflects black cool...and I love it.

It is hands down one of the best videos of Black Men Walking of all time. There’s even the rogue brotha in the back who clearly didn’t get the memo about wearing neutral colors and since he didn’t get that memo, he didn’t get the memo about the choreography for their walk either. I love it. Whenever I have five friends present, I try to coerce my squad into walking somewhere, with style and flair.


The Whispers “Keep On Lovin’ Me” (1979)

That first step buddy in the red jacket takes?? That lets you know what kind of jammy jam it’s about to be. Also, buddy in the red is me in almost every situation where chill is requested. It’s not that I can’t chill, it’s just that it’s so hard to chill when the music hits you right. Shit, right now I feel like taking a walk with the homies with this song in the background.

In fact, I love this song and video SO much that my groomsman and I walked down the aisle at my wedding to this song. Don’t believe me? Here you go.

Any video that makes you want to recreate it (like this video featuring Zo, Phonte and Eric Roberson) and add it to your wedding and even the bride signs off? Iconic.

Shouts out The Whispers for being black excellence in the field of Cool Black Men Doing Natural Cool Black Men Things.

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Thanks for this series. I’m always on the lookout for songs that I may not have heard before or didn’t know the name of.