30 Days of Musical Blackness With VSB, Day 17: Intro, 'Funny How Time Flies'

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Intro might literally be the most unsung group ever. They’re so unsung, they don’t even have an episode of TVOne’s Unsung and their contemporaries like Troop, Hi-Five and Silk, who are way less unsung than Intro, have episodes. They have one of the most recognizable ’90s R&B songs in “Come Inside” (waaaaaaaaaaay too long intro notwithstanding), and two really good albums released before lead singer, songwriter and producer Kenny Greene passed away in 2001 from complications from AIDS.


Intro, “Funny How Time Flies” (1995)

Point is, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Intro is a group I’ve always really enjoyed that never got the love they deserved. Today, I want to give them a little love by featuring one of my favorite of their songs from their 1995 album, New Life.

“Funny How Time Flies” is just good music, pure and simple. It’s got a dope beat built on top of various samples (Black Moon, Dennis Coffey, etc.), the vocal arrangement is good and it’s real life. It is funny how time flies when you’re, ya know, makin’ love. It goes on and on and on, you just can’t go wrong. Plus, the song BANGS in the whip, which is probably a pun. Two puns possibly.

When I was in college, one of my boys absolutely loved the beat so much that he’d run this song on repeat over and over and over and over. He was also the world’s biggest Intro fan (possibly) outside of their family members. And I never minded hearing it on repeat because it really is that good. Shouts to Intro for their contributions to ’90s R&B and R.I.P. Kenny Greene for being a distinctive voice gone too soon.

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Yeah, Intro doesn’t get the love they deserve (neither does SOLO...that’s another discussion for another time) One of my favorite Intro tracks was on an Eddie F & The Untouchables compilation album