6 Ways to Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday Without Watching the Super Bowl


Like apple pie and violence, the Super Bowl and Super Bowl watch parties are an American tradition. This year, though, many of us have given the proverbial middle finger to the league (and need prayer), which means that this Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, is going to be interesting. While I’ve not had or gone to a huge party every single year, I’m used to the camaraderie of the day and watching commercials and talking shit with people about whatever suits the moment in a festive environment.

Because I believe in the spirit of togetherness and fellowship, I do think it’s possible to have a “Super Bowl party” that doesn’t actually include watching this year’s Super Bowl. Plus, we all know how this story ends. Sunday night’s news alert:

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win their sixth Super Bowl together as the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 28-17 in Super Bowl LII, a result reminiscent of Super Bowl XXXIX.


“So how are we supposed to have a Super Bowl Party without the Super Bowl?”

Glad you asked.

Also, no judgment if you are watching the Super Bowl—especially if you’re from Philadelphia. I get it.


1. Make it a black-movie night.

If you are unaware of the black movies that live on Netflix and especially on Amazon Prime Video, you are missing out. And they’re not all trash, either. Some are actually decent. Might I suggest any of the movies that star or feature actor Murda Pain? It’s Black History Month; instead of watching black bodies subjecting themselves to violence on the football field, why not watch a black movie like Plug Love or Crown Heights (actually a REALLY good movie)?


2. Make it a spades night.

When was the last time you brought a gang of folks over to your house to play spades? If you have enough people, you are guaranteed to have several who can’t play—perhaps you can do a social good and hold a spades beginners course. My 9-year-old daughter knows how to play tunk. This should embarrass some people. While you’re doing this, you can watch black movies. See No. 1.


3. Make it a general game night.

Have folks bring over their favorite games. If you’re feeling froggy, even break out the chessboard and see who got the skills in the room on the boards. I suck at chess, but I’ll whip everybody’s ass in Parcheesi or Sorry! Bring those, too!


4. Have a big-ass Black Card Revoked party.

Considering that you’re not watching the Super Bowl, likely in the name of blackness, this could be interesting, seeing as how you JUST might find out how bad at blackness some of your friends are. Somebody you know has the game plus all of the expansion packs (I’m that guy—or was until I left them in the capital of African America, Atlanta). This can be a fun way to revel in blackness while ignoring the television, unless it’s showing I Am Not Your Negro.


5. Watch I Am Not Your Negro.

The documentary on James Baldwin just came on PBS the other night, so somebody DVRed it. I forgot to do so, but I’m sure there’s a heart in the house tonight who wouldn’t mind hosting as long as somebody brings the right amounts of foodstuffs—and nobody is gonna have to pay. Then have everybody sit around and discuss the film and Baldwin, and for shits and giggles, see how many of your friends can actually NAME a book or play written by Baldwin. They should win a prize.


6. Make it a karaoke night.

Since everybody else will be watching the Super Bowl, why not rent out a room at a karaoke spot and screech your way through three or four hours of top 40 singles with drinks. And if your room has a television in it, turn it to BET or TV One and watch, well, not the Super Bowl.


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