A Ranking Of The 10 Whitest Guys Rashida Jones Has Been Romantically Paired With On Screen

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

While watching Parks and Recreation with the wife person, I mentioned something about Rashida Jones being Quincy Jones' daughter. To my surprise, the wife person had no idea. This segued into a discussion about Jones as an actress (we agreed she's likable, has great timing, and plays the "normal woman" to the manic surrounding characters pretty well), which then subsegued into "she always seems to be paired with White guys" which then subsubsequed into "Hmm. I wonder who'd be the Whitest of her White love interests?" which then, well, you get the point.


10. Jack Black (The Big Year)

jack black

9. Paul Rudd (I Love You, Man)

8. Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation)

7. Chris Messina (Monogamy)


6. Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation)

5. John Krasinski (The Office)

4. Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation)


3. Joey Slotnick (Boston Public)

2. Stephen Moyer (NY-LON)


1. Andy Samberg (Celeste and Jesse Forever)

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones

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I was JUST talking about stuff like this with a friend the other day. Light-skinned actors/actresses that can "pass" as (and get mistaken for) white.
1. Meghan Markle (Rachel from Suits)
2. Troian Pratt-Bellasario ( Pretty Little Liars)
3. Mark Vincent aka Vin Diesel
4. Wentworth Miller (Michael from "Prison Break)