Back By Popular Demand: "Bougie Black Girl" And "I Love Bougie Black Girls" Tees And Hoodies


The people have spoken. And when the people spoke, the people said "Yo…when is VSB going to sell those Bougie Black Girl shirts again???"

"Well," VSB said to the people "how about Tuesday, November 11th?"

"Yaaaaaaaas!!!!" the people exclaimed.

For the next week, "Bougie Black Girl" and "I Love Bougie Black Girls" shirts, tees, and hoodies will be available at our Teespring store. (And yes, we have a Teespring store now.) The "Bougie Black Girl" shirts are also available in gray, and the gray comes with more options, including a hoodie and a long sleeved tee.


And, just in case you had any doubts, here are some very satisfied customers.


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