Blue Ivy Woke Up Like 'Dis, So Please Just Stop About Her Hair

Blue Ivy Carter (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
Blue Ivy Carter (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Social media was all aflutter over Karrueche's recent comments about Blue Ivy's hair on 106th and Park. It was apparently Pt: 1 of their routine jokey gags, so, to be fair… 106th kinda threw Kantstopwontstop under the bus as it's really the staff writer who shaded Blue. Ol' girl could have declined, of course, but… killing messengers and whatnot.

And thus, began what I like to call: the circle of strife. Because there's levels to this shit. ALL-CAPS WORD to Meek Mill.

1. Someone makes negative comment about Blue's hair.
2. Bey stans react.
2a. Natural hair stans react.
2b. Natural hair Bey stans react.
3. Social media convo evolves to "natural vs permed vs weaved vs Donald Trump wigs" to "feminism" to "light-skinned vs dark-skinned" to "eating ass."
4. Blue continues to be unbothered and fluffs the hair grown from the edges her mama snatched from everybody.


But, that cycle is real. And tiresome. I have participated in it, so I know. But, can we all at least agree that there's a special kind of hell for those who insult babies/children? Oh wait, there was an actual petition for combing her hair, so I guess that's a no.

Sigh. Folks need to download a "mind your fucking business" app so bad. Only gifs of Blue performing cute "Flawless" hand-dances can fix this.

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Royale W. Cheese

And if BeyJay hired a stylist to do their baby's hair, everybody would have something to say about selfish rich black folks not giving back to the hood.

I'm aggressively indifferent about BeyJay, but busy-life is real. The busier you are, the more things have priority over making your child look like a baby doll toy fresh out of the box.