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Is it shady to refuse to do your best friend a favor because of some arbitrary (and fabricated) rubric, like what Molly did to Issa on last week’s episode of Insecure? Yes! Yes, it is! Especially when said friend is desperate and her desperation is connected with work and/or money. Especially especially when you’re one of the only people who could assist said, desperate friend. Especially especially especially when the effort required to do the favor is small.


On the spectrum of shady friend fuckshit, Molly’s refusal has a permanent spot there.


Issa using Nathan like WAZE to find a path to Andrew after Molly blocked it was clever and resourceful and the right thing to do. But sometimes the right thing is also a shady thing. And it is shady to essentially go over the head of the best friend you’re currently chilly towards to ask her partner to do you a favor. It just is.


Is it as shady as what Molly did? No! But if shady exists on a spectrum, what Issa did belongs on it too, and Molly had a right to feel a way about it. If this were a turducken of shady, Molly would be the turkey, but Issa would be the duck. The duck is small (and gamey) but the duck matters too!

Did Molly pick the right place and time to express it? Probably not! They were in public and they both had nice clothes on! But if not then, then when?


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