Raise your hand if you need any other reason to hate Comcast other than it being Comcast?


But, since Comcast is clearly an overachiever, one of its retention specialists changed a customer's monthly statements under the name of "Asshole Brown" instead of their actual name, Ricardo Brown. This spawned from a disagreement between Ricardo's wife Lisa and the retention specialist due to Lisa's request to escape from her hellbound contract, I mean… cancel her cable service.

Look, I get it, we all have our little inside jokes at work when we have to deal with less-than-amicable customers or colleagues — hence the secretary I used to call "maggot tits" in Gchat convos — but Comcast calling anybody an asshole is the pot calling the kettle black while at an All Black Everything party in February.

At least they refunded them for the past two years of cable service. Which, well, can I be Asshole Brown next?


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