Damon Discusses Drake, Meek Mill, And...Men Mooching Wifi On Melissa Harris-Perry

MSNBC screenshot

Damon was invited to Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday to discuss Drake vs Meek Mill, rap beef in a historical context, sexism/misogyny in hip-hop, and Drake's skin regiment. Also on the panel, Toni Blackman, Sean Malcolm, and Penny Wrenn.


Notable notes and shit from the panel

1. Kerry Washington tweeted about how entertaining it was:

Since Damon had the line that produced the most laughter ("Many of the men getting at Meek Mill for being with a more successful woman are tweeting from their girlfriend's laptop") it's safe to assume he was responsible for Kerry Washington's feelings. Damon is happy about this.

2. The conversation kept going during the commercial breaks…and even for 10 minutes after the show. Melissa Harris-Perry is totally the type of person that can and will spar with you about hip-hop for hours. Basically, she'd fit right in at VSB.


3. Speaking of VSB, this year has taught us that VSB apparently has a lot of fans in high places. And these people aren't just fans of the writing, but fans of the community as well. Basically, if you are a person who comments regularly on VSB, there's a good chance ***insert name of random celebrity*** has read your work multiple times. Damon hopes this makes you as verklempt as it makes him.

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