Don Lemon Definitely Will Never Invite Talib Kweli To Sunday Brunch

Don Lemon (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Don Lemon (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

A conversation in Ferguson today between Don Lemon and Talib Kweli quickly got heated. Not "We're bout to fight" heated, but definitely "Don't sit me next to that wack n*gga on the plane home" heated. As Talib tried to criticize CNN for inaccurate coverage of the protests and police response, the conversation quickly devolved into an argument about Lemon — who is trolling all of Black America right now —mispronouncing pronouncing Talib’s name and cutting him off.

A particular gem of Don’s:

I’m trying to be respectful to you, to make sure that I say your name properly. People call me Dooon Lemaaahn.


Well… At least Talib did his journalistic homework. Several people have been getting upset at Don for a host of things over the last couple years, including his claims that Black people dressing well can help reduce certain types of racial tension and profiling. It looks like Talib is on the list now, too. Watch the entertaining video below.

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Am I the only one that doesn't think Don Lemon was wrong?