ELLE Magazine "Discovers" Timberland Trend; The Entire 1990s Says "Discover Deez"


Social media was all aflutter when ELLE Magazine's (Blackity Black Black Black ya'll) fashion editor, Danielle Prescod took it upon herself to take a ride in a Delorean and claim Timberlands as the new hot "IT" winter boot. Okay, there was no Delorean involved. But, it should've been.


Because, um uh ruh… they been a thing. For close to 30 years now. Shit, Justin Timberlake's first Blackness tour guide is named after them. But, who needs the real definition of "new" when you have observed holidays for "discovering" shit, right, Merica?!

Of course, this recent trend of discovering new-new that's actually old-old, made me wonder what's next. Ya know, just in case you don't make it home tonight.


Crown Royal Mini Handbags/Clutches? Lugz, for the casual man on the go?

We shall see, friends, we shall see. But, we may need that memory-erasing thingamajig from Men In Black

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Baby hair. That's their next big discovery non-discovery. They've recently been introduced to FKA Twigs (they hate her) and are fascinated by her baby hair.