Ferguson At Fairfax And Wilshire

Leo Breckenridge (screenshot via Youtube)
Leo Breckenridge (screenshot via Youtube)

You might recognize Leo Breckenridge from his role as "Andre" — the Panama character in our TV pilot.


Here he is with a performance piece for Ferguson and Michael Brown, filmed in L.A. on Fairfax and Wilshire — the corner where the Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed.

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Tish Harris

I only wish this was real life. I walked into a barbershop in the heart of Brownsville, NY and asked if they were watching Mike Brown's funeral on CNN. They said, "who?" There were 6 guys in there and only 2 vaguely knew what I was talking about. A BARBERSHOP in BROWNSVILLE, NEW YORK. The epicenter of the hood. How so many young black men are not aware of how this is affecting them directly is mind-boggling. The men who are out there on front and center fighting need the rest of their army. Maybe it's unrealistic, but I just feel like black men need to stop whatever they're doing THIS MINUTE and make police brutality/profiling their number one issue. Crack vs. Cocaine laws and murdering each other need to be on that playlist as well.