1. Because I'm one of the hosts, and I want to see y'all niggas. And I want to recoup the money I put up to rent the space.

2. Because this party — which is actually a day party with food, not a brunch — is a collaboration between several Black organizations in the city, including BGSO (Black Graduate Student Organization), NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), BLSA (Black Law Students Association), and The Greendale Commission. Basically, although Pittsburgh is like 6.8% Black, 50% of that 6.8% will be there. That's some quick math for ya ass.

3. Because there will be complimentary fried chicken (wings and breasts), mac and cheese, and waffles. And not just some random awkwardly cooked potluck shit made by someone who read a recipe for jerk wings last night on Pinterest and wants to impress their #MCM, but food made by the actual chefs at SAVOY Restaurant.

4. Because there will be a "Honey Jack O'Clock" —- where there will be free shots of Honey Jack for everyone. (I might even literally walk around with a bottle to give niggas shots. Stay tuned.)

5. Because the enterprising millennial niggas who comprise the Greendale Commission have a history of throwing successful house parties, as you can see from the video they created to promote the event. (And yes, that's me at the 17 second mark drinking what I'm going say was water.)


The Weekend Brunch Party Spring 2017 Let Out Trailer from Travis Carless on Vimeo.

Doing something at a club is obviously a different dynamic, but we hope to create the same vibe.


The party is from 1pm to 6pm at Savoy Restaurant. It's supposed to be 75 and sunny tomorrow, so we'll have the patio space available too. Aint shit else to do the day before Easter, so come through and be merry and mirthful and lit and shit. You won't regret it.