Internet Troll Lebron James Opts Out, Heat Fans Pawn Jerseys

Lebron James (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Lebron James (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The top three likely destinations for Lebron James, new free agent, basketball icon, and maven internet troll.


1. Miami

I honestly don't think he's leaving. Just wants to put some fire in D. Wade's belly. And by "put some fire in D.Wade's belly" I mean "convince D.Wade to start working out again and stop making 3am runs to Wing Stop and the 24-hour Chipotle."


2. Cleveland

Still, fuck Dan Gilbert today. Fuck Dan Gilbert tomorrow. And fuck Dan Gilbert forever.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Because why not?


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hahaha I for one hope he cuts and runs…..although it's highly unlikely….I've been in Miami coincidentally since 87 and the bandwagon fans are annoying….you couldn't drive anywhere without seeing Heat magnets, bumper stickers and window flags….now *crickets*