Is Kanye Cancel-Proof? A Look Back at His Controversial Decade

Kanye West had himself a decade. While he started out on a musical tear that had car speakers and arenas rocking, he ended it as a Donald Trump, MAGA-hat wearing, gospel-ish artist. The one consistency is that when he started out 2010, he thought he was God’s gift to the planet—and he pretty much ended the decade that way, too. Jesus is king.

It’s easy to think that Kanye effectively “fell off” over the course of the decade. Kanye’s music has suffered, no doubt. But has Kanye lost his cultural cache as well? Most folks’ knee-jerk reaction would be to say “yes.” He’s been hit with as many attempted cancellations as anybody but he’s still around, making headlines and having articles and profiles written on him. So what did his decade really look like and has he lost it? We take a look at the decade that Kanye Omari West has had and if it’s been as bad as it feels like it’s been.


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K. Araújo

It is EASY to cancel this nigga! 

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