Joe Budden, The Epitome Of Bitchassness

Joe Budden (Brian Ach/Getty Images)
Joe Budden (Brian Ach/Getty Images)

Joe Budden has apparently been keeping himself busy since Love & Hip Hop. Because we know he's not making any music. At least not any music anyone outside of Jersey will ever actually hear. The NYPD sent out a tweet saying they were searching for him in regards to a few domestic abuse allegations, and Joey had a lot to say in response.

Following the tweet by the NYPD, Budden responded on Twitter, saying that he was in a strip club in Astoria, that he was going to sue the NYPD, and a bunch of other bitch-ass Joe Budden-ass shit:


In the fallout after the original search, Joey also decided to let us know “Real women never call the cops.” Huh? He’s since deleted the original, but he’s had no qualms about responding to other people’s reactions. 


…with some half-assed back-peddling that somehow still manages to be condescending in that special Joe Budden way.


Okay, bruh. Pump, pump, pump it up.

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The things a beard can do for you.