You already know what it is. We've got just a few days left on this iteration of our campaign to get the bougie and the Black some accoutrement for the holiday times. Get one for your friend. Get one for your white male co-worker who probably really does love bougie Black girls! Make it a flag that flies high in the name of love. Go on and do it. Do it. Do it til you're satisfied. We got tees, we got tanks, we got V's we got hoodies.


Whatever you do, do it before the campaign ends on Monday. If you've been waiting to figure out if the gettings good, trust me, the getting is good right now. Hop on over to our Teespring store and cop you one of the best icebreakers that has ever broken the ice.

VSB Teespring Shop! ————————-> For shirt coppage! (Because we want to make this easy, it even opens up in a new tab…JUST FOR YOU!)

See below for how folks who have purchased the shirts have been stylin' on you and yours, fam.


Panama Dontavious Jackson stylin' in the most flagrant fashion possible with two celebrities who complimented him on the shirt. You think he requested the picture. Naw, b. They did (not).

VSB Royalty styin' on everybody.


Stylin' on folks at Reminisce.

The most important stylin' of them all. We dem VSB boyz. Bougie Black and liquored up at a day party in DC. There's no way you can get more bougie or more Black than this!


Get you on before you can't get you one no more!