Kim Kardashian Klaps Back At Adrienne Bailon, Internet Asks: "So, Where's The Sex Tape?"

Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Quick Recap: Adrienne Bailon of Disney's "Cheetah Girls" and 3LW fame dates Rob Kardashian. Relationship is displayed on reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Rob cheats on Adrienne. Adrienne breaks up with Rob. Rob tries to win her back on KUWTK to unsuccessful results. Blah blah blah skippy.

Cut to today, Adrienne recently did an interview with Latina Magazine in which she basically stated that appearing on the show hurt her career because she would always be associated with the Kardashians.


Kim caught sight of this and cut the fool. She went on a mini-spree of shady subtweets at Adrienne as she felt Adrienne insulted her brother. Which, of course, Kim totalllllllly cares about as displayed by how shitty she treats him on the show (seriously, have ya'll heard the insults she spews at him???) and how he was urged not to attend her wedding because he was (ALLEGEDLY) too fat.

Sarcasm all the way detected, I hope.

The whole thing is messy, but I have to admit I got my life when Kim sub-tweeted "Let It Go. Let It Goooooo" to Adrienne. Always here for a Disney reference. Always and forever. Each moment with you.

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