KKK Hands Out "Kandy" In South Carolina

(Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
(Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Note: I really wanted to spell Carolina with a "K", too, but… SEO.

So, due to alleged recruitment issues in South Carolina, the illustrious Ku Klux Klan has resorted to handing out bags of candy, filled with anti-immigration propoganda.


Aside from the obvious racist undertones of this gesture, I'm mad that the bag is filled with that reject candy you try to scrape up when you've run out of candy to give out on Halloween. You know, that old lady candy in your grandma's candy dish. Peppermints, dawg?? I guess they tried with Smarties, but at least throw in a fun-size chocolate bar. Wait… maybe they don't want "colored" candy in their bag. That must be it.

Conspiracy swag.

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Welp, it is South Carolina. So…