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Happy Belated MLK Day everyone. I hope you guys capped off a weekend chock full of ill-advised party flyers with condemning Peter Gunz to the ninth circle of hell. And if your company didn't give you the day off…well, they're racist.

We begin yesterday's fairly mediocre episode with watching Peter Gunz get on the fast track to fire and brimstone. I don't even care if this storyline is scripted - there aren't enough Mona Scott-provided Popeyes gift certificates in the world to justify the levels of ashiness that this middle aged Negro exhibited. Poor Amina's baby is crowning while Peter takes it upon himself to let her know that he is finally committing to her after Tara rejected him, because apparently stress is a welcome thing during labor, so why not tell her that you asked Tara if she wanted to work things out? But not only did Peter decide to fuck up Amina's entire day with his witchcraft and niggadry - his trifling behind didn't even bother to tell her the whole truth! (As If its ANY better to use your international roaming to call your ex to reconcile while your wife is prepping for childbirth as opposed to taking her on vacation with you). For dramatic effect, the production team zoomed in on a shot of the blood pressure/heart rate machine, in case you needed to be beat over the head with the fact that Peter Gunz was a terrible terrible person.


We move on to Cyn and Erica - and apparently Cyn is interested in a musical career. Can anyone tell me what "strings" Cyn plays? Guitar? Viola? Electric bass? Harp? Apparently this is all going for charity, which is hysterical because Kim Kardashian couldn't move a unit of her autotuned track backed by The-Dream, but Cyn is about to make waves with her "strings." Eventually we return to reality and Cyn explores being the face of a Rich Dollaz liquor brand that will be sold in airplane bottles for bulletproof liquor stores. Erica doesn't take to kindly to this, and the Aviary Chronicles continue.

Speaking of birds…friends. sistren. Beloveds. If I ever get the novel idea that trapping a slight-statured DC-area man with a wife and neck tat with a child…please find me, shake me, and get me off whatever drugs I'm on. Chrissy went up and picked up Chink to let him know that she stopped taking her birth control and had the gall to be offended when he didn't receive it well. In what world do you want to start a family with a man who tells you "me being married is just me being married"? I get that she has a health condition (before she said it was fibroids I was pretty certain that she just didn't understand that menopause meant it was the end of the road for her) but sister friend, this is not the way.That man is about as loyal to Chrissy as she is to a wig. Look at your life, look at your choices!


Speaking of choices, Yandy is choosing to live in a world of denial about the man she has decided to spend her life with having a pending bid upstate. She keeps talking about not having a wedding in a prison as if a federal judge will give her an option in the matter, but I guess she's just speaking her truth into existence.

Last but certainly not least, Cisco took the time to go down to Atlanta - not to see his kids, but to come clean to his ex of 17 years. SEVENTEEN YEARS. In the time she waited for him to commit to her and get a ring, we've gone through three presidents! Not to mention he said she moved out a year ago, but he started dating Diamond two years ago…and then had the gall go be offended when Tasha didn't have time for his nonsense. Men, why do you do this? You can't dog a woman out and then get mad when she tries to move on. More importantly why is he asking her how the kids are when he can just drive and go see them???


If nothing else, this show is the best birth control. Until next week, folks.

Brooklyn-based writer by way of Harlem, Canada and East Africa who comments on culture, identity, politics and likes all things Dipset.

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