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20. Candyman from Candyman (was definitely a Magical Negro—just had misguided magic)

19. Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost

18. Whoopi Goldberg on The View

17. Hitch

16. Uncle Ben

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15. Olivia Pope

14. Shaq (and not Shaq in Kazaam, but just Shaq, generally)

13. Anthony Mackie in The Adjustment Bureau

12. Djimon Hounsou in everything

11. Actually, Anthony Mackie in everything now, too

10. Bagger Vance

9. Mike Tirico

8. Condoleezza Rice

7. Aunt Jemima

6. Drake

5. Literally every character Rashida Jones has ever played (aside from her lead role in Angie Tribeca, which I’ve heard is criminally underrated)


4. Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty

3. Morpheus

2. That guy Michael Clarke Duncan played in The Green Mile

1. Barack Obama