Maybe We Should Stop Inviting Omarosa to Things (and by ‘Things’ I Mean Conventions, Cookouts, Clambakes, Church ... )

Frazier Harrison/Getty Images
Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

... barbecues, game nights, brunch, sleepovers, car pools, anywhere west of the Mississippi River, day parties, commencement ceremonies, Trap Yoga, Trap Painting, Trap Karaoke, Trap Wine Tasting, Trap Skunk Hunting, Trap Trapping, casino nights at Schenley Gardens Senior Living, Caribana, Carnival, HennyPalooza, Must Love Beards, Must Love Beekeepers, Must Love Beekeepers with Beards, half-marathons, dinner parties, outer space, memorial services for dead goldfish, happy hour, KFC, depressing-ass happy hours at KFC, flag football, game nights, twerk contests, birthday parties, our hearts, group selfies, orgies in surprisingly spacious Waffle House corner booths, surprise parties, yacht parties, ’90s parties, Keri Hilson biopic watch parties, Kennywood, panels, weddings, potlucks, Sesame Street on Broadway, movies, girls’ trips, girls’ trips to see Girls Trip, vacations, cruises, time-shares, swimming pools, UberPools, wing nights, this random restaurant in Cleveland my homie Natalie told me about where they have “fish and waffles” on their menu, to hold babies, to help carry groceries, to help eat booty like groceries, amusement parks, dog parks, haunted houses, prison cafeterias, trick or treating, indoors, outdoors, beauty salons, barbershops, the Ace Hotel, Zara, anywhere requiring a ticket, a stamp, or an RSVP, home again, Delaware, Lake Erie and (sadly) heaven.


Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a columnist for, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)

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Until we stop putting butts in chairs and clicks on articles above all else, she and Kellyanne will continue getting invitations to forums where their value add is negative fifty-eleven.