McDonalds Auctions Off (Not So) Special Sauce For $23K


Ya'll remember the McDonald's Big Mac commercial jingle? I (barely) do since I was a young cheeks when those commercials were poppin'. It was the infamous, “two all beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” Which seems like a lot of ingredients when you say them all and it wouldn't fit on a Vine so that jingle wouldn't be poppin' today. Just sayin'.


Anyway, McDonald's is auctioning off that special sauce and as of this (Wednesday) morning, the leading bid is $23,100. The sauce will come in a limited edition 500ml squeeze-bottle and the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House charity. Aw, shouts to the Ronald house, I can personally account for the fact that they do great work.

But, I gotta admit, I side-eyed the auction because ummmmm muh ruh… ain't the special sauce just thousand island dressing? If there are other ingredients, they are as subtle as Waldo standing in the middle of a Kappa gathering.


I guess McDonald's special sauce is a part of history so maybe it's an artifact? Girl, I guess.

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I swear Oprah told us special sauce was Thousand Island Dressing back in the day…