Name Damon's New Section In EBONY Magazine

Damon Young/VSB
Damon Young/VSB

Starting in October, Damon is going to have a regular page in EBONY Magazine. It will be a collection of different parts — a monthly mailbag, a "Blackest Thing that happened last month" piece, and a "Damon Explains" section where he…explains things. Basically, VSB will be hijacking a page in EBONY every month. May God have mercy on our souls.


Thing is, this page doesn't have a name yet. (His choice — "Damon Says Things And Shit" — has a good ring to it, but might be a tad bit too profane.) And this is where you come in. Tell us what you think this page should be called. If your name is chosen, you will get a shout out on VSB…and EBONY Magazine too. (No lapdance from Panama, though. He's backed up with requests.)

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