Panama Jackson + ORS Olive Oil = #NoStereotypes

Panama Jackson
Panama Jackson

I was recently asked by the good folks from ORS Olive Oil to participate in their #NoStereotypes campaign. Now, I can see you wondering how exactly I fit in with a natural hair product line. And that's just it, maybe I don't. But hey, look at you STEREOTYPING! See, that's the point here, I ain't got no hair but I'm still able to speak to my own personal experiences with stereotyping and following my heart and being comfortable with who I am and expecting you to do the same for yourself and towards me.

So check out the video, laugh at or with me, and go ahead and make your own video and post it on social media. Nothing fancy, just something that speaks to what #NoStereotypes means to you. What's the harm. We just watched a Black woman win a gold medal in swimming, bucking all types of stereotypes! If she can do it and J. Cole can go platinum with no features, you can make a short video expressing yourself. Make sure you add the hashtag #NoStereotypes and for fun, add #YeezyTaughtMe #VSBSentMe.

Also, peep game with me rocking my VSB "I Love Bougie Black Girls" tee which can be purchased at TeesInTheTrap and my customized TresMercedes kente patterned Oakland Athletics snapback, which can be ordered and purchased via her awesome shop on Etsy, TresMercedes. Full disclosure, she's my sister. Also, major shouts out to the videographer, Tim Wilson, for filming and editing.

Join in the campaign as we work to break down stereotypes! Check out to keep up with the conversation!


#ORS #NoStereotypes

Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.

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Speaking of burning stuff, you need to burn that A's cap, PJ. Lol

But seriously, this is a cool campaign. I hope it gains traction because as much as we Black folks hate being stereotyped by outsiders many of us do the exact same thing to each other.