I ain't saying Philly is the realest city in America. But I am saying that if you have a competition for Realest City in America, Philly is definitely placing in the medal rounds. Only in Philadelphia are dudes robbin' folks for guns AT ACTUAL GUN RANGES.

You know, the place where folks with legal guns take them to shoot them for target practice. Not the type of idiots who really think you can hold a gun sideways "to look cool" while firing off a .9MM. Word to the wise. You are NOT holding a .9MM sideways and shooting anybody but possibly the ground.

The main takeaway here is #dontgotophilly if you can help it. If they're robbing LEGAL ninjas for guns at the place where LEGAL ninjas are legally shooting sh*t, do not think that they won't jack your sh*t while you're out doing everyday regular living stuff like tying your shoes or eating Cheerios.