PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol. 3


1. Montage Pheloan - I'm Blessed (His name is actually Montage. No wonder he's blessed, he's made it this far on faith. See what I did there?)

2. M&O - Blue (new video debut from one of my absolute favorite groups. Their music never disappoints me.)

3. Logic - Til The End (I don't know much about this dude aside from he's from Maryland and his debut album is selling almost what T.I.'s album is selling. But this record is dope, solid mixed kid rap. He's like an actual lyrical Drake.)

4. Dej Loaf - Try Me (I want to pretend that I don't love this song. But it would be just that, pretending. Really, let a nigga try me…)

5. Destiny's Child - Free (Long one of my favorite songs from their catalog - which I love)

That'll do for this week. What y'all listening to?


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