Police Assassinate Michael Brown's Character. Then Say They're Not Assassinating His Character.


Earlier today, it was reported, along with video, that Michael Brown was the primary suspect in a convenience store robbery before being fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson. He, and eye-witness to the shooting Dorian Johnson, allegedly robbed a store of a box of Swisher Sweets and on the way out of the store, the suspect can be seen forcibly pushing the store clerk who is attemping to stop the alleged robbery.


Police dropped this information early this morning for what is obviously one reason, and one reason only: to point out that Michael Brown was possibly a criminal who could POSSIBLY be guilty of what the police are claiming happened. It stands to reason that if a guy would steal from a store he would likely engage in such antics with police that could then lead to his shooting. If Officer Wilson was in fact looking for a robbery suspect, it frames the narrative as one of police looking for the bad guy.



This afternoon, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson informed the press and America that Officer Wilson actually had no clue that Brown was the primary suspect in a strong armed robbery. Nope. He was stopped for the reason that has been reported. He was walking in the street.

So if the dead guy is the primary suspect in case - which means case closed - WHY EVEN RELEASE THE DAMN INFORMATION?? If we way revisit todays timeline of events.

1. Ferguson PD releases name of Officer.

2. Ferguson PD releases video tape allegedly of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store….due to multiple media requests.

3. Later, Ferguson PD Chief says, hey, Officer Wilson didn't actually know he was a suspect and we're not attempting to assassinate the character of Michael Brown…but, "bang, bang motherfucker."


Look, I don't give a fuck if Michael Brown walked into that store, jacked 100 cases of cigars, drop kicked the clerk, and then told him to juggle his balls as he walked out; in no way, shape, or form, does that constitute a reason to shoot a man who is unarmed and has placed himself in a position of surrender.

Why release a tape that has nothing to do with anything if that end of the case is closed? Well, if it paints the victim in a negative light then hells bells, get it out there.


I get it. It happened. Allegedly its him. So be it. He's dead. He can't face charges for that crime so its immaterial to anything.

Keep fucking that chicken, Ferguson PD. Keep fucking that chicken, friend.

Thanks, Obama.

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Releasing the video while at the same time revealing the "real" name of the officer (I'm still debating this part) was as strategic as "allowing" the citizens of Ferguson to "peacefully protest" last night. Throw in a Black cop leading the way for good measure (notice how THAT image got a ton of media coverage?) and voila! You have a "peace-centered" police force that was just looking out for its citizens and trying its best to "restore order". The race-paranoid finds its amnesia for the tanks they saw the day prior to that (because it couldn't happen in MYYYY part of the country) because the ends justify the means, right? It's not like it would happen here, right?
LISSEN. I have been a New Yorker from Kotch to Bloomberg and if there is ANYTHING I know, it is EXACTLY how Helen Keler people can be when its not in their backyard.