Ray J Reduced To "Kardashian Sex Tape Partner". Probably Doesn't Like That Sh*t.

Ray J (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)
Ray J (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)

In what has to be a supreme blow to the ego of Ray J, he has finally - and undeservedly so - been reduced to Kardashian Sex Tape Partner in a recent story featured on Gawker about charges stemming from his arrest back in May. It also proves how unaware they are of Kim K's previous life.


How so?

Glad you asked. Here is the opening paragraph of said news story:

Ray J, a person who managed to turn having sex with Kim Kardashian into a years-long career, may now be famous on his own merit—for allegedly assaulting a woman at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and kicking out the window of a police car.


Now, you and I both know that this statement is remarkably erroneous. The entire statement is backwards. Ray J was famous WAAAAAY before Kim K and on his own merits - of being Brandy's brother. And Kim K rode that sextape with Ray J into the hearts, minds, and televisions of America. Thing is, its entirely possible (and likely) that the America that watches her on television has no clue why she even became a thing. Hell, outside of Black America, I'd put money on folks not even knowing she was ever with Reggie Bush. All they see is pretty woman and are like, of course she's on television. And now that she's married and procreated with Kanye West, every person in her backstory is likely a secondary figure no matter how central they are/were to why she even "exists" in the first place because they are both larger than life.

Granted, I couldn't care less about getting justice for Ray J here. While he entertains me enough to be excited about Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood and all, you will not see me crying Argentina for him. He'll live.

But it is interesting that Ray Norwood, Jr is only a story to mainstream media sites because of the connection to Kim K. Hell, the reason the story about his misconduct towards police even surfaced in that article was because of Kim K.

Which has to be frustating if you're Ray J. After all of the hard work he's done, he's not even famous enough to see his name in the headline of a story…



He's committed so fully to the Fuck Shit Arts that you'd think while not being a household name, news of his arrest and charges would stand on their own without a nod to Kim K (apparently) allowing him to film them having the sex because she's such a good person.


I mean, hey waitaminute, that IS Brandy's brother and all, but he's done his part to be famous. Hell, he was dating Whitney Houston for cripe's sake! And he hit it first (or 12th or whatever, but that's just splitting hairs).

I believe in Ray J though. I think he can find a way to get himself back to the top of his game and flip that sentence back around.


Buck up Ray J. We know the truth. I got your back. Waaaaaaaaay back, but your back nonetheless.

If it's any consolation to Ray J, the article didn't lead with a headline that says Kim Kardashian, just Kardashian. I guess Khloe and Kourtney need to step their famous games up as well since apparently the mention fo Kardashian means one person, and one person only.

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Medium Meech

Clearly this person is not familiar with the extensive record of professional socialite Mr. J. If he was, he would think twice about marginalizing the accomplishments of someone who has made it public record that he is in possession of a cadre of man-rap3 goons whom he has threatened to dispatch in the past when slighted.

In all seriousness though, the most laughable thing is the author implying that Kim K. is famous on her own merit. Her and Ray J. know the game. She is a second generation social climber (who's mother married a minor celebrity) that made a tape with Ray J. (with inspiration from Paris Hilton, the Don of all of this) who's second hand family celebrity dwarfed hers at the time. Her star rose by being in relationships with progressively more famous people until people mistook her for being famous by association. Now Ray J.wants reciprocity now that she's the bigger name and will take it without consent. Confusing.

No doubt Kim (more accurately her mother) played the game better than Ray J., but let's not forget that both of these people are nothing more than accomplices in the biggest, most successful catfish in recorded history; tricking the world into thinking the Kardashians are (and apparently have always been) legitimate celebrities. This reporter is so duped he's editing the past to match their narrative.