Ray Rice and Janay Rice (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

There are few internet people less liked than the "Well, actually…" person. You know who they are. Some story breaks with someone doing or saying something shitty, and the maddeningly contrarian "Well, actually…" person starts their spiel, which is usually some combination of myopic condescension shrouded in faux objectivity.

"Well, actually we don't know all of the facts yet."

"Well, actually Black people can be racist too."

"Well, actually men get catcalled too."

And, when news of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancee first surfaced a few months ago, the "Well, actually…" people were out like they were vampires from The Strain and it was a solar eclipse.


"Well, actually we weren't there."

"Well, actually she could have hit him first."

"Well, actually she could have been drunk."

"Well, actually she married him, so it couldn't have been that bad."

Anyway, after video surfaced this morning of Rice clearly knocking out his fiancee, and dragging her out of an elevator, I wonder what the "Well, actually…" people have to say now.