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It's been over a week since Viola Davis won her first Academy Award for her portrayal of "Rose" in Denzel Washington's screen adaptation of August Wilson's iconic and devastating Fences; bringing her one step closer to coveted EGOT statusWhich means it's been over a week since the biggest travesty of awards season took place. And I'm not referring to Casey Affleck's win over Denzel and his knife-twisting laud of Denzel when accepting the award, which was like a dude telling the chick with an unrequited crush on him she'd "make a great girl for someone," and texting her this message from his new girlfriend's phone.

No, the travesty was Viola Davis's Best Supporting Actress win. Anyone who's seen the movie or has any familiarity with the play know there's nothing "supporting" at all about Rose's role in Fences. She's as important to the play as Troy is, is on screen just as much, and has just as many important lines and moments. She should have been nominated for (and won) Best Actress.

Also, Viola did not deserve to win Best Supporting. Because if she's in her rightful place as Best Actress, the real Best Supporting Actress recognition should have been giving to the spontaneous snot bubble she produced while giving her landscape-shifting speech to Troy.

Seriously, this snot conjures the spirits of Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, and Harriet Tubman, puts them in a blender, and spills them on the screen. You will never see a finer performance, a more compelling gathering of phlegm, and a more heart-wrenching reason to hand someone a tissue and a tub of hand sanitizer. It's BlackGirlMagic snot. The Lemonade of cinematic saliva.


Viola Davis will continue to win awards and will continue to be as consistently awesome and awe-inspiring as she's always been. Which is why we need to remember that snot. We'll never see anything like that again.