Saginawesome In Saginaw, Part III

Panama Jackson/VSB
Panama Jackson/VSB

(This part is going to be mad shorter. I've run out of steam and real talk, the last day was the wedding. And honestly, I'm only really tallying all of the drinking that was done, for historical purposes.)

Back up at 9am. My sleeping sucks when I've been drinking but not drunk. But the homeys, we all planned on meeting at the restaurant that my boy used to work at in NYC, Pizzeria UNOs, for lunch. The wedding was planned for 630pm, which means that we had A LOT of time to kill before hand. We're in Saginaw, not NYC. So we went to eat lunch with a group of about 20 people and immediately took three shots of Crown to celebrate my boy's nuptials. Then I drank three Hurricanes. Listen…

…the Hurricanes at UNOs banged. At least they did at that one on Tittawabawasee (it's entirely possible I fucked that all up).


After that was a bunch of naps and drinks and mackin' and hangin' (a term I worked into my best man's toast) until 515pm, when it was back to the funeral home to take pictures.


Again, back to the funeral home to take pictures. We took wedding pictures…at a funeral home. Now, mind you, this didn't really bother me at all. Two days around a funeral home and I was already desensitized, but its still interesting when you take a step back. The wedding was fun, though it legit started an hour and a half late. The reverend was an unintentional hoot but I'm trying to get into heaven so mocking a reverend on VSB seems like it might get held against me for perpetuity. St. Peter might not underwrite my mortgage in heaven, ya dig?

Though, the amount of side-eyeing and outright laughing I did during the ceremony was referred to as a "highlight" of the evening. God ain't done with me yet and I suck at withholding my "WTF-ness". I'm trying, y'all.


The reception was fun and we all danced the night away. I got to give a toast as the best man and was super excited to do it. The night concluded at the same lounge we went to on Thursday night, Retro Rocks, where more shots were had and more cheap drinks were drank. The bouncer and bartenders remembered us so there were some free drinks and shots on deck.

Funny enough, there were splinter groups that night. A few of the folks went back to Buffalo Wild Wings to chill out and freakin' Anthony Hamilton was there! There were no such celebs at my location…except for us! BAZINGA!


The night closed and on Sunday the vast majority of us rode out of Saginaw into the sunset of our respective homes, always remembering, and never forgetting those three days in the Sagnasty! Most of us will probably never return, but hey, we did it, we made it, we lived it, we loved it.


It was Saginawesome!

Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.

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