Sample Literacy Test: Would You Have Been Able To Vote?


The movie Selma is coming to theaters in a few months and the cracker jack marketing team behind the movie decided to drop the bomb on the masses early. As part of the promo for the movie, they crafted a literacy test, complete wtih questions that were used to bar some Black folks from voting in the 50s and 60s.

It's a wonder that any Black folks were ever able to vote if these were the types of questions people had to answer. I've taken this test at least 20 times thus far and failed each and every time. That may be the point.

Click the link and take the literacy test and tells us how you did?

(Spoiler: You failed.)


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I have a dumb question though. I wonder what would happen if someone actually messed around and passed? Did they let them vote? Did they just trump up random felonies? Just curious more than anything else. Sheer chance meant that someone passed the actual test. I'm just wondering how they dealt with them.