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SCOTUS Ruling Allows "Closely-Held Corporations" to Deny Birth Control for Employees

Bound 4 Life Member (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Bound 4 Life Member (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

While shaking my head furiously at the obvious women-hating this decision is laced with, I pictured a "closely held" corporation to be one that the SCOTUS is hugging tightly. Turns out, the IRS put the kibosh on my silly theory and confirmed a "closely-held corporation" is one that:

1. Has more than 50% of the value of its outstanding stock owned (directly or indirectly) by 5 or fewer individuals at any time during the last half of the tax year; and


2. Is not a personal service corporation.

This apparently includes about 90 percent of all businesses that cannot be forced to pay for their employees' birth control if they have religious objections.


You know what is NOT closely-held? Church and state, allegedly. So, I guess Mr. Church and Mrs. State will only be singing Avant's "separated" in theory, huh?

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amy juicebox

LMFAO @ the bio.
And SMH @ your country.