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I've already touched on the multiple levels of Blackness involved in the story of Sistahs on the Reading Edge; the California book club thrown off a wine train for being too rowdy.

Exactly how many levels were there? Good question. Let's review!

1. A group of Black women in a book club. (Because the only thing Black women love more than book clubs is Jesse Williams.)

2. The name of the book club being Sistahs on the Reading Edge.

3. A group of Black women in a book club called Sistahs on the Reading Edge doing a wine tour together.

4. A group of Black people having such a good time that it’s making White people uncomfortable.


5. A group of Black people doing absolutely nothing other than “enjoying life while Black” facing some sort of legal consequence.

To add to the VantaBlackness of this all, Sistahs on the Reading Edge apparently has one White member. Which is perhaps the single Blackest level. Because you can't get much Blacker than token Whiteness being involved and that token Whiteness getting kicked out too. This is past peak Blackness and into some undiscovered, middle Earth, event horizon Blackness. Like finding an iPad on Mars. Or a Kappa with tact. And I'm 96% certain if her name is "Jane" she's been affectionately referred to as "White Jane" at least 17,000 times.

Anyway, it was revealed today that they reached a settlement with the Napa Valley Wine Train company. Although the terms were undisclosed, if the lawsuit was for $11 million, I'd assume the settlement was in the millions as well. Which should be a cautionary tale to any company wanting to try some racist fuckshit. Especially with a bunch of reading-ass Black women with a token White homegirl on a wine train; perhaps the demographic either most likely to be a lawyer or be sorority sisters with one.


Remember the end of season four of The Walking Dead, when Darth Rick says "they're fucking with the wrong people"?

Well, the Napa Valley Wine Train company fucked with the wrong people too.