The Root Jams Weekly (8/14/2020): 'Wet Ass Playlist'

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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion set the internet on fire with their song and video, “WAP,” which stands for “wet ass p***y.” Well, after probably a million formal and informal takes on the song, the staff at The Root decided to curate a playlist of Raunch-jams for your listening pleasure(s). Shouts out to Cardi and Meg for the inspiration. WAP.

“Wet Ass Playlist” (8/14/2020)

J’Na Jefferson

David Banner “Play”

Trina “Look Back At Me”

Cupcakke “Squidward Nose”

Chris Brown “Wet The Bed”

Maiysha Kai

Marvin Gaye “You Sure Love to Ball”

Missy Elliott “Pussycat”

N.E.R.D “Hypnotize U”

Lil’ Kim (feat. Sisqo) “How Many Licks”

Outkast “Spread”

Beyoncé “Blow”

Prince “Soft and Wet”

Monique Judge

Akinyele “Put It In Your Mouth”

Dr Dre and DJ Quik “Put It On Me”

DJ Quik “Mo’ Pussy”

Akinyele “Fuck Me For Free”

Lil Kim “Not Tonight”

Luke “Scarred”

Luke “I Wanna Rock”

David Banner “Like a Pimp”

Michael Harriot

Prince “Insatiable”

Nina Simone “Do I Move You”

Switch “There’ll Never Be”

Love Moor “The Ogre (acoustic version)

Iyla “Bad Side”

Panama Jackson

Tha Dogg Pound “Bomb Azz Pussy”

DJ Quik “Some Bomb Azz”

Usher “That’s What It’s Made For”

Silk “Freak Me”

Adina Howard “Freak Like Me”

Adina Howad “T-Shirt & Panties”

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